Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) reflects compliance with the principle of sustainable development in the daily activities of the company.

Corporate policy is mandatory for every employee in all departments and functional areas.

Our policy allows us to offer stable, high-quality services in the sphere of transport and logistics.

Authorized staff is responsible for the implementation and compliance with the established business processes of the units. Trans Solutions is a customer-oriented company.

CSR policy
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

The principles and rules of the company:
- focusing on customer needs;
- honesty;
- responsibility for the result;
- teamwork;
- corporate governance practice.
IMS policy
The company is engaged in international transportation of goods in Europe and the CIS countries.
According to international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 and the industry standard GDP Guide 2013 the company management seeks to ensure the sustainable development of the company in the conditions of a high level of competition in the transport services market through the implementation and continuous improvement of the integrated management system (IMS).
Purposes in the field of environmental management system: to increase the environmental efficiency of the company by reducing the negative impact on the environment in the countries where the company operates.
Purposes in the field of labor protection management system: to ensure the safety of personnel, the prevention of accidents and injuries of employees, as well as consumers and persons performing work under contractual obligations.
Purposes in the field of good distribution practice: to ensure high-quality distribution of medicines to maintain the quality and integrity of the delivered products, so that it remains within the legal supply chain during transportation.
Labor and Human Rights Policy
Company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy on labor standards and human rights.
This policy defines the company's approaches and principles for observing, supporting and promoting the development of human rights, as well as discusses risk management issues related to actual or potential human rights violations as a result of the company’s activities. This policy is aimed at meeting the highest international standards for observing, supporting and promoting the development of human rights at all stages of the implementation of activities. All units operating under company management are required to comply with this Policy.
The company undertakes to respect the human rights of its employees, as provided for in the ILO Declaration (International Labor Organization) on fundamental principles and rights at work, respecting the principle of freedom and the right of workers to negotiate a collective agreement, as well as creating safe and favorable working conditions for its employees, personnel of contractors, subcontractors and agent personnel.
Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy
Trans Solutions is convinced that one of the most important conditions for sustainable business development is strict law compliance governing anti-corruption issues.
Trans Solutions declares the categorical rejection of dishonest and illegal ways of doing business and voluntarily accepts the applicable requirements in the field of prevention of corruption of national and international bodies and organizations
This Trans Solutions Anti-Corruption Management Policy (hereinafter - the Policy) declares compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 37001: 2016, discloses the intentions to combat corruption, defines the legal framework and key principles of this fight, describes measures taken by Trans Solutions to prevent corruption, establishes duties of employees and other persons in the field of anti-corruption, as well as responsibility for failure to comply with the provisions of the Policy.