The company works great. Loading and unloading are executed neatly. Payment is always on time. Special thanks to Tatiana. She is reliable, responsible and always in touch. Issues are solved quickly and in a smooth way!!!
Good luck in your work, we hope for further cooperation. Our Recommendations!!!
Great company! As for loading/unloading and payments they are always arranged neatly and on time. Christina Kazak is a responsible and organized specialist, professional in her field of activity!
EGT Express Ukraine
Trans Solutions is a very decent and professional company, our special thanks to Olga Zaritskaya, we hope for further cooperation. Recommend to everyone.
MidasCargo LLC
I carried out several shipments for this company, clarity in everything: from signing the application to payment on time, operational emerging issues arising in the process of transportation. I recommend. Special thanks to Elena Maksimovich.
Nadvirnyak Igor Mykolajovich
Thank you for your cooperation, it was nice to work. We hope for further cooperation. Thank you very much Elena !!!
Frost lines Pavels Morozs
Good company, excellent and professional work! Olga and Darya are great specialists.
Omuss Maksims Rezuns
Good company. With payment everything is fine. Only a positive impression of the work! Thanks Darya! +++
Il'to Mihailo Ivanovich
Many thanks to Tatiana for clarity and efficiency in work. Nice to work with decent people. We hope for further cooperation!
Autotransit LLC
Reliable customer, thank you for timely payment and trouble-free trip. We hope for further cooperation.
Private enterprise Transporter Bel
Thank you for your cooperation! We hope for further work! Special thanks to Victoria.