Victoria Hemmelmann

Head of Department

Виктория Хеммельманн

Two years ago I joined this young dynamic company. I was admired by the company leader. He made a strong impression on the interviewing. He was active, ambitious with far-reaching plans and I had no doubts at all in becoming a part of this process. Having some experience in logistics, I accepted the offer to try myself as a freight forwarder for the development of exports and the Caucasus-EU lane in particular.

My main job liability is in the organization and supervision of road hauls by being connector between customers and carriers. Transport logistics is a complex mechanism in which a huge number of people and factors are being interacted and where even a small failure can lead to irreversible consequences.

It has always been important for me to do my job efficiently and professionally. Highly coordinated work in Trans Solutions team taught me how to organize my actions, set priorities, and ensure timely execution of orders.

Was it easy? Of course, not! It was hard and complicated. Lack of working hours was a permanent feeling for me, but sometimes it seemed to me that even 24 hours are not enough to cope with. Anyway the ability to solve out of the line issues, work non-stop, find a way out of a hopeless situation lets me feel as a real professional and motivates to further achievements.