Renata Rollo

Head of Accounting (Czech)

Рената Ролло

There is a perception, that if a person is fluent in a foreign language, he should definitely try to work abroad. In the beginning of in my career I knew only the one word in russian and it was “Hello!”. I was so much inspired by the young and promising company Trans Solutions with its grandiose plans and admired about management's attitude towards the personnel. It led to the fact that I didn’t even pay attention to the possible obstacles which may arise due to the lack of knowledge of russian.

Later I had started to gather a team of accountants in Minsk step by step. After a while Owing to my colleagues' help and patience I was ready to have negotiations and even arrange training in accounting in russian. Czech legislation allows you to have a business and work in another country successfully.

It is a great pleasure to be a part of our team. With no doubts I can rely on my colleagues at any time. All problems are quickly solved and the business develops and grows steadily. Our top notch internal co-work is one of the main drivers of my professional growth. My great respect and thanks to all of these modest and hardworking people with “burning eyes” and for their desperate work in the name of our company.

A small company has turned into a big one, have to work a lot but wasn't the least bit regret, that by knowing only one Russian word, I became part of the Great Team of Trans Solutions.