Marya Filanovich

Head of Department

Мария Филанович

My career at Trans Solutions started in May 2017 as an operation manager handling road haulages. At that time, it was a relatively small company with own fleet of 26 vehicles. My colleagues welcomed me in a very friendly way. My responsibilities were focused mainly on paperwork related to deliveries.

The company had been growing rapidly and a year later I had an opportunity to take the position of the head of convoy. I always liked direct work with transport and contact with drivers. The approaches and operating principles of Trans Solutions have become a great experience for me.

In August 2018, I was appointing to the position of the head of transport department with a fleet of 62 trucks.

The company constantly improves itself and developing areas of work robustly. It is exactly what gives you numerous opportunities to obtain new skills. The important thing for me is a young team of professionals, a competent leader who sets goals and fairly evaluates their implementation.